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120 ° – Moholy 120

“ … Above all, it is about getting the forces hidden under our conscience through the optical organ (the eyes).” Painting and photography 1932

I covered the geometric, constructivist paintings of László Moholy-Nagy for the 120th anniversary of his birth. The same as the first independent volume of the artist (Painting, photography, film) is characterized by verbal and visual duality and searches for traditional new genres, I wanted to make a complex cover of his works.

“The traditional image has become historic and is past news”

In spite of this statement, Moholy created his most beautiful and most picturesque pictures during his Bauhaus years, and although in the spirit of constructivism, he very much wanted to “bury” paintings, he was simply unable to do it.
Moholy thought that after the invention of photography, illustration and the forming of color divided into two. While photography and film cover illustration, as Moholy puts it, “painting now has the ability to only focus on the clear definition of color.”


I have prepared this composition video using Moholy’s six paintings, displayed in a 120° angle, drawing a parallel with the year of the anniversary. The basis of my video is provided by the colors and geometric forms of his pictures, yet they still allowed me to reimagine the works of the artist in the space. Owing to 3D graphics, I could also sneak in some elements into the different images that, in spite of covering the original piece in the middle of animation, can still bring new forms and movements.

We would like to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the artist’s birth on July 20 this year with this video.

The artworks featured in the video:


Am 7 (26)
A sheet from the Kestner folder
Yellow circle
A 19
Circle Segments
SRho 1

Am 7

Lap a Kestner-mappából
Sárga kör
A 19
Circle Segments
SRho 1