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A floating workstation under the bridge | Lebrel

Cabins pop up in the most diverse places nowadays, used by their owners for retreating to work, create or rest. With his studio installed under a bridge, Fernando Abellanas is one of the pioneers of the movement. 

If you look at the projects of Lebrel Furniture led by Fernando Abellanas, the term “under the bridge” gains a whole new meaning. This is the location that inspires the designer the most, therefore he has already designed several installations under bridges.

Perhaps the most exciting one of them is the creative studio self-taught designer Abellanas created under a bridge. The streel-framed wooden cabin built in the outskirts of Valencia is not only compact, but mobile, too: it can be moved on iron rails under the bridge. The furniture (shelves, desk and a chair) are fixed to the wall of the bridge. 

“The cabin as a concept has been important to me since childhood. Not the idyllic holiday cabin in the woods, but a place to take refuge in our [urban] environment” – added the designer about the project, who has returned to his favorite source of inspiration several times since then: most recently by designing a chairlift under a bridge. 

Source of the photos: The SpacesLebrel Facebook

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