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A font family made up of buildings

In English designer Mel Edwards’ work, the pastel-colored buildings of Accidentally Wes Anderson are transformed into letters.

The unique letters were created as part of the annual open call 36 Days of Type: within its framework, graphic designers, illustrators and artists share reimagined versions of the letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet based on their creative ideas for 36 days. Mel Edwards’ letters look as if they were digital graphics at first glance, but in fact, they are handmade and completely made of paper. “I have been inspired by everything from extremely simplistic and modern architecture to very ornate and traditional buildings,” he highlighted. Many different buildings appear in Mel’s font, some of which evoke an Indian or a seaside atmosphere, but we can also recognize iconic buildings such as the Grand Budapest Hotel, known from the famous Wes Anderson movie. The challenge is currently at the letter “K”.

Mel Edwards | Behance
Accidentally Wes Anderson | Web | Facebook | Instagram
36 Days of Type | Web | Instagram

Source: Designboom

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