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A hub for coffee lovers | GROUNDS

Czech Rusty Nails Coffee Roasters opened a new place in Prague, which is much more than your average coffeeshop. There is an in-house coffee roastery, and they also hold workshops and competitions in the industrial space designed by architecture studio KOGAA.

Prague’s ever more popular district Karlín has transformed into a vibrant quarter from an industrial zone. This is where Rusty Nails‘s latest unit GROUNDS is located, too, the architectural solutions of which were designed by architecture studio KOGAA. René Královič, the founder of the cafe, is behind various successful hospitality projects in the Czech Republic, and with the latest place, his goal was to create a platform for coffee experts, baristas and coffee fans in a place where those interested can also get an insight into the coffee roasting process.

The hub opens from an inner courtyard—visitors are greeted by the cafeteria when entering the space. The concrete tables and other concrete elements were made on-site, just like the wooden bench running along the wall. The industrial style primarily manifests in the corrugated metal sheets and the suspended lamps. In addition to these, the natural light coming in through the skylights create a truly unique atmosphere.

A vibrant tangerine-colored staircase leads up to the working space upstairs, where the organically designed room is confined by a translucent corrugated plastic wall, embraced by a wide variety of plants.

KOGAA worked closely with the team of Rusty Nails to create spatial solutions that serve the events and activities taking place here as much as possible. In the course of designing the space, the architects placed a great emphasis on having enough room for storing coffee beans, roasting coffee on-site, as well as cleaning and packaging. Coffee testing takes place in the built-in inner room, and this is where they hold workshops and competitions, too.

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