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A Polish illustrator created Marc Jacobs’ new campaign

The same as the Polish media, we also welcome the international successes of Eastern-European creative talents. This time, we are pleased to present the accomplishment of fashion and beauty illustrator Karolina Pawelczyk, who was recently invited by the team of Marc Jacobs Fragrances to promote their new fragrance: here comes the Daisy Daze campaign. 

Karolina studied at Central Saint Martins in London, where she specialized in illustration and visual media. Her biggest successes include her collaboration with Armani fashion house, but she also created graphics for Mokotów gallery and illustrations for the Polish BIZUU brand, too. The works of Karolina Pawelczyk were also featured in Glamour and the German version of the Irish Tatler Magazine. 

I have always found the relationship between fashion and drawing interesting. One day, while reading the American Vogue, I noticed the beautiful fashion illustrations in it and started to draw based on some of them. Since then, I have made thousands of illustrations in which I present the models in the latest collections of the big fashion houses, with full red lips and big blue eyes” – Karolina told us. 

This time, the creative team of Marc Jacobs Fragrances noticed Karolina’s unique and unusual drawings posted on her Instagram feed. The representatives of the American fashion house gave the Polish artist a free hand, and only provided slight guidelines as to the colors of the illustrations that match the world of Daisy Daze. It should be added that this is not the first collaboration between Marc Jacobs Fragrances and Karolina Pawelczyk – in spring 2019, the artist created five illustrations for the promotion of the Daisy Sunshine fragrance.

I am incredibly happy”, told us Karolina, “to get to know the creative team of Marc Jacobs, it’s fantastic to take part in such a fabulous project. I love its positive energy“ – we feel the same way.

Scroll down and check out the five illustrations created for the previous Daisy Sunshine campaign:

Source: White Mad Magazine

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