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A printer in the palm of your hand | PrintPods

The palm-sized machine designed by the team of EVEbot lets you print not just on paper, but on metal, wood and ceramics, too.

Those noticing a cross-talk between the names of the wireless earphones titled AirPod and the device called PrintPods are not far from the truth – the size of the latter equals that of two AirPod cases, and even has a similar design. Even though we won’t take on printing War and Peace with the compact mini printer developed by startup company EVEbot, it is perfectly capable of personalizing our household objects. 

You don’t ever have to play with stickers or hand stamp machines again: PrintPods allows you to print quickly, easily on any desired surfaces directly without being concerned about the ink blurring or wearing off. The USB chargeable battery of the hand-held object lasts as many as 1000 prints before needing to be charged, and a single cartridge can make up to 3500 prints. 

The device works with an environmentally and skin-friendly ink: in addition to black, you can choose from red and blue colors, but you can also opt for special “invisible” ink (the printed sign will only be visible when under UV light). As opposed to traditional printers, PrintPods allows users to print on wood, metal, textile and ceramics in addition to paper, or even on the back of a leaf if one feels like it. 

Users can design the signs, emojis and other graphical elements in the application accompanying the device, and you can also set the pebble-shaped printer into motion through the app.

Check the Kickstarter campaign of the project for more information!

Source: yankodesign.com

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