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A see-through TV for your home

Chinese electronics brand Xiaomi has unveiled its Mi TV LUX television featuring a completely transparent screen, which displays images that appear to be floating in the air. The TV measures at 139.7 centimeters, with a total width of approximately 5.7 millimeters, and is capable of displaying more than one billion color combinations.

Even though we have already seen similar concepts before, Xiaomi’s innovation lies in making the technology available in mass production, for household use.

The glass panel-like effect of the TV is owing to OLED technology, allowing for much thinner devices compared to the previous LED versions, with deeper and more emphatic tones of black. The technology allows light to pass through the panel from both sides, thus while a traditional device needs a back panel to contain their processing units, in the case of Mi TV LUX, these elements are integrated into the base stand.

Xiaomi released its see-through TV in the Chinese market on August 16 – the device is currently available for 49,999 yuan, that is, 2.1 million Hungarian Forints. 

Source: Dezeen

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