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A touchless touch | Glamos

“I should have bought the touchscreen version…” – a thought that has probably popped up several times in our minds. Two ex-Samsung engineers from CoreDAR proposed a solution to this problem and the issue of touchlessness gaining more and more importance today. The inventors created the world’s smallest “LiDAR” (Light Detection And Ranging) device, a pretty little cube, which could easily be the lovechild of a self-driving car and a Kinect, at least based on how it works. 

The invention dubbed Glamos uses a rotating mirror module instead of a camera to scan its surroundings in 180 degrees, 40 times per second. Owing to its thoroughness, it can interpret and reproduce the gestures made in the air with our hands including moving, rotating and focusing, without the user having to physically touch the screen to control the device. Glamos is compatible with phones, laptops, smart televisions and can be even connected to projectors in classrooms.

The product also responds to the demands brought on by the Covid-19 epidemic putting touchlessness in focus more than ever, so we can’t wait for it to become a mass product soon! 

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