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A truly relaxing chair

When I first saw Nouhaus’s massage chair, I immediately thought of Friends, one of my favorite TV series. I’m sure Joey and Chandler would have given anything for a chair like this!

Written by: Márk Szolomayer

Nouhaous’s chair is truly extraordinary; it is above average not only in terms of design, but in terms of material quality, too. Luckily, its large size won’t necessarily be a problem either, as in addition to the standard version, they also released a compact size, which could fit into most living rooms.

Let’s see the essence: the chair’s massage function is just as special as its silhouette. Most massage chairs use an S-track chair frame, only reaching the length of the spine. The Nouhaus, on the other hand, uses a hybrid L/S-track, which extends under the buttocks and thighs. It also features airbag massagers around the waist and pelvis, which offer a deeper, more relaxing experience. Of course it also comes with manual adjustments allowing users to fit the rollers to their body height.

If massage isn’t enough, the Bluetooth speakers embedded into the headrest and plush cushions guarantee total relaxation.

Perhaps the essence is still how beautiful the armchair is. The designer was inspired by the silhouettes of Chesterfield chairs, adding a touch of futuristic design of course – no wonder the chair became a 2020 Red Dot winner in the category of product design. In the current situation I recommend it to those trying to avoid massage salons, but still longing for the experience. Given all the favorable features plus the past memories, I would buy it. How about you?

Source: YankoDesign

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