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Alpine chalet reinvented | Studio Perspektiv

Even though at first glance it looks nothing like a typical Alpine hut, the cabin renovated by Prague and Bratislava-based architect firm Studio Perspectiv draws on traditions greatly.

Everyone wants a hut in the woods – this could have been the basic thought of the architects of Studio Perspektiv when they started to work on an old wooden cabin in Gerlitzen, the Austrian Alps, only they added: what is the hut we long for in the 21st century?

We for sure need to be in harmony with nature surrounding us, however, we wouldn’t want to renounce modern comfort, either – at least this is what the architects could have concluded based on the renovation designs of the house. In order to create harmony between nature and the building, they chose two connecting elements, wood and stone. One can observe the interplay of these two materials both on the front and the interior of the house.

Inside, the outdoors feeling is evoked by the wooden ceiling and the walls with slate cladding. Perhaps this natural vibe is the reason why, in spite of the contemporary design furniture, the rooms are still infused with a homey and warm atmosphere.

The fundamental goal of the architects was to preserve the ambience of the old Alpine hut, while not being afraid to put new ideas to use. Looking at the designs, they managed to do just that. 

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