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Anjuna | Flavors of summer

Mango-maracuja, Sicilian pistachio, raspberry-lime – perfect flavor combinations and vivid colors in the spirit of the summer feeling. So far, the Anjuna ice pops established in 2015 were only available in the stores of the brand in Budapest and near Lake Balaton From now on, however, they will also be available in Interspar stores. The latest packaging design of the special vegan ice pops was made by Szani Mészáros and Dóri Novotny, the graphic designers of DecoRatio Branding and Design Studio.

The cool elephant logo and visual identity of Anjuna ice popswere designed by Szani Mészáros a few years ago. At the time, there was no need for a separate packaging, as the brand only sold the ice pops in their stores from the counter. Now, however, given that these special ice-creams will also be available in large supermarkets (first in Interspar stores), the time has come for them to design the packaging, too.

“First we had to come up with a direction and a concept that could be used as a basis in the case of every flavor. The mango-maracuja was the first design which represents the summer feeling Anjuna wants to convey well, and from then on, we mainly thought about with what characters this could be illustrated without repeating ourselves” – Szani told us.

After a few sketches, they created the graphics in Illustrator. Szani created the design of the first three packagings, and Dóri Novotny created mutations for the other three flavors. “The boxes containing fifteen ice pops and the single boxes also had to be redesigned a bit, as the surface is different, and so we also had to figure out how much of the illustration is displayed on each. We strived to avoid overcrowding the packaging, we tried to balance the colorful fruit orgy with the clean shapes” – Dóri adds.

The characters on the packagings are connected by the new Anjuna slogan “Summer is a lifestyle” – they relax, dance, move and have fun. “Making a link between the flavors of ice cream and the illustrations was not a requirement, at the same time, we tried to demonstrate it where we could – on the box of the Italian pistachio, a girl lays next to a Vespa, in the case of the Ivory Coast coconut, the guy is surfing on a beach” – the designers told us. 

And what does „Summer is a lifestyle” and summer itself mean for the designers?

“For me, summer means the proximity of the nature, the days spent with friends, cooking together, hiking together, festivals and freedom” – Dóri tells us.

“The summer? Open air concerts, beach-side chill, when you just lay in the sand and look at the clouds until they become figures. I can relate to all the Anjuna characters really, although it’s a pity I don’t surf” – Szani told us.

The Anjuna ice pops are all vegan, and many of them are sugar free. Being an eco-conscious brand, they chose biodegradable materials for the new packaging.

You can check out the complete project on this link.

Szani Mészáros | Behance | Instagram
Dóri Novotny | Behance
DecoRatio Branding and Design Studio | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Photos: Kevin Harald Campean

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