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art+design | Attila Kertész

Visual arts are the eternal source of inspiration for design. The two fields can subsist separately, too, but why would we ever separate them if they complement each other so well? We’d rather further boost the connection: we have once again found an art exhibition that almost screamed for a design round-up.

In the case of Attila Kertész, the two fields are particularly closely linked, as both visual arts and design play an important role in his life. As a designer, Ati is one of the founders of Position Collective, but he has also been pursuing a career as a painter over the past years. Dubbed Genetrix, his third solo exhibition was held in Hybridartspace: here the artist explored the topic of Genesis through the symbols of the progenitrix, with inspiration gathered from various tribal cultures. 

Painting: Bonfire, 2020, 60×80 cm, oil on canvas.

Pendant lamp – Position Collective, Incense holder – Nami Studio, Shoes – The Hoff Brand – The Shortlist Studio, Bag – Vengru, Side table – House Doctor – Solinfo, Coat hanger – Gazzda, Armchair – Normann Copenhagen  NAP

Painting: Alert, 2020, 60×60 cm, oil on canvas

Ceramics – Susu Keramika – The Garden Studio, Necklace – Aprés Ski – The Garden Studio, Side table – HKliving – Solinfo, Vase – House Doctor – Krate, Couch – ton, Lamp – Bomma, Magazine rack – Yestersen

(Cover: Giant, 2020, 200×100 cm, oil on canvas.)

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