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AU Workshop | A match of wood and beeswax made in heaven

Colorful, simple structures, with aesthetic and harmonious forms. The Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop (AUW) has been known for its experimental works for long: natural materials and in particular the use of wood are important aspects in designing their furniture, installation and other concepts. This time, they showed how they think about material, space and architecture with the combination of wood and beeswax.

The use of beeswax is an unconventional choice in the field of furniture design. The team of AU Workshop has been intrigued by the use of this special material and utilizing the opportunities offered by it in creating their household products for some time now. They have already made candles using beeswax before, as well as a table called Gold Table, where they covered the entire surface of the glass with this natural material.

But how did these special pieces of furniture come into being by using beeswax? They have assembled the specific wooden elements with the help of screws: they sank their heads and covered with beeswax plugs, thus giving a cleaner and more homogeneous look to the piece of furniture. They colored the surface of the chairs created this way with beeswax-based crayons and then burnt it into the material with a grinding machine.

The beeswax plugs can be removed if necessary and so the pieces can be dissembled easily. In addition to being natural and practical, this unique technology also gives a special fragrance to the furniture.

“Our workshop works of different scale and volume influence our architectural approach and design processes greatly. We consider it important to understand and reimagine contemporary folk architecture, and we observe how the comfort feeling of people relate to their true needs and demands” – highlights the team of AU WORKSHOP.

AU workshop also wishes to present the exciting chair collection created with the beeswax method in an exhibition to the audience. Can’t wait!

Photos: András Zoltai
Contributors: Sára Pintér, Márton Zalka

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The AU Workshop architectural workshop was founded by Dénes Emil Ghyczy and Lukács Szederkényi in 2009. Their flagship projects include the Nordic Wind House debuted at the Architecture Triennial festival in Oslo, or the Wool House also experimenting with natural materials, with therapeutic effects, but they have also designed several family homes for orders. Their experimental works have already been published in several magazines, including ArchdailyDesignboomDesign MilkIgnant and Dezeen.

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