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Balance between intimacy and safe distance | Tableware by studio BOIR

Instead of large plexiglass panels placed on the counter, Croatian studio Boir proposes a set made of steel and stone to ensure safe dining during the epidemic. Meet the New Normal!

Founded by product designer Vlatka Leskovar-Zidar and graphic designer turned chef Ivan Zidar, Studio Boir experiments with various food design concepts. Their projects combine Ivan’s love for culinary experiments with Vlatka’s research, focusing on the relationship between object culture and rituals. Thus it was no coincidence that they created their new 5-item collection titled The New Normal in response to the epidemic. 

In designing the dining set, finding a balance between intimacy and safe distance was a crucial aspect. They used steel as a main material in their objects, evoking a sense of sterility and cleanliness, the cool and geometric aesthetic of which are softened by the stone elements.

“Boir’s tableware bridges the gap between intimacy and distance, enabling safe food sharing and simultaneously connecting and separating the served dishes” – Ivan Zidar told in an interview with Dezeen. 

The collection consists of five pieces, including the Dessert for Two, a bowl set designed for couples consisting of two stone bowls and two spoons with extra long handles, and the serving plate fitted with a T-shaped steel handle in order to allow us to easily take the slices of cheese and prosciutto from it. The New Normal dinnerware also includes a bread basket made from two semi-circular sections of steel, separated by a central, metal sheet, an object suitable for serving appetizers or sushi and the plate named Platter for Two, with a sculptural piece of stone dividing it into two sections.

“We perceive the contemporary dining as the theatre for the senses” – Zidar added. “Our tableware and dining accessories are the props and backdrops – they set the tone, provide the space for performance and provoke the inquisitive minds of both chefs and foodies” – he added.

Photos: Nikola Zelmanović

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Source: Dezeen

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