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Bambi, the iconic soft drink of the socialist era, is now available in a brand new packaging, in four new flavors.

The retro, orange-flavored Bambi soda was introduced to the Hungarian market in 1947, and functioned as the one and only Hungarian soda drink up until the appearance of the international, sugary competitors.

The iconic drinks are now available on the Hungarian market in a brand new form. With its 100% natural ingredients, fermentation process and four flavors, the unique Hungarian craft soda tries to fill a gap in the Hungarian soda market.

“After several years of market research, we realized that compared to the international soda spectrum, the category of premium craft soda is missing from the Hungarian soda repertoire. This was when we decided to fill this gap by reaching back to a retro brand that still has a cool factor to this day. It could only be BAMBI, what else.”  – said Éva Dorogi, the executive manager of ART WATER Kft.

You can expect new flavors like ginger-juniper (Herby ginger), rhubarb (Cloudy rhubarb), orange with Seville orange blossom (Twisted orange) and citrusy lemon (Direct lemon). And the new content comes with a fresh appearance – the reinvented visual world of the brand was designed by Unger and Partners.

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You can find the new Bambi here: bambisoda.eu | heinemann.hu | kifli.hu | 

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