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Barisieur | Let fresh coffee wake you up

Even if the alarm buzz doesn’t do the trick, the smell of freshly brewed coffee is sure to wake us up – and combining these two in a single product is the best idea ever, especially if it looks and functions like the one below. London-based design studio Joy Resolve combined a mini coffee machine that would beguile any barista with an alarm clock. The result speaks for itself.

The extraordinary alarm clock comes in white and black, with removeable walnut or blond timber wood trays, also suitable to make tea in addition to coffee. A major advantage of the device is that we don’t even have to get out of bed to bring some milk to add to our coffee – with a small refrigerator incorporated, our milk is kept between 3–5 ° C and thus remains fresh for 24 hours.

The latest Barisieur 2.0 version will also come with a wireless charger and separate brew stand. Its Kickstarter campaign is currently ongoing.

Take your time waking up and enjoy your morning!

You can order the Barisieur coffee and tea machine here.

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