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Budapest by Labrosse | Anker house

Skater who jumps into the decent without fearing death, ollleee! It brakes, dislocates, will it be saved?! Alright, relax. A cute, pink, plate-face stares afar, not even the long-armed figure standing next to him can jolt him out – what a feat! Bing-bang five zero zero o’clock, the black and white snake is on the way to scare in the underpass. The deep is buzzing. And the full house, life, and supply. 

Labrosse Dani’s special characters will flood buildings of Budapest for a whole year here, on HYPEANDHYPER! Check it out yourself and find the tucan that is eating spaghetti at the Anker-house!

“I have walked many times in the area of the Anker-house, but for some reason, I haven’t noticed it for a long time, even though it is very far from being an average building. 

It happens to every artist that they have to face an artistic crisis or the so-called „creative block” every once in a while. Thankfully, this is not a very common occurrence in my professional life, but it does happen a couple of times a year. Sometimes it only lasts for a few days or even a few weeks, but it can last for a couple of months at times. This is the time when I like to stroll around the city without a purpose, with a thermos flask filled with coffee, my camera, and my headphones, to recharge. 

During such a walk I came across for the first time the dingy, yet majestic Anker palace. I have no clue what was different this time, or why it seemed to fade into its’ surroundings and now why did it have such a huge impact on me, but I knew that as soon as I arrive home, I will draw it. My characters moved into the building on their own – just as usual- mostly new faces, but some reoccurring figures are also present, like the permanently panic-stricken pidgeons, the black and white striped snake, the guy with the flower head and the hooded graffiti-boy”. -tells Dani about his brand new work. 

Our current task: zoom in on the screen, and look for the spaghetti eating tucan!

The Anker-house

The Vienna-based Anker Life and-Allowance Insurance Corporation wrote an application for the building of the Pest headquarters, which was commenced in 1908 by the plans of Alpár Ignác. Looking at the building with today’s eyes it might sound unimaginable, but back in the day, the Anker-house was one of the most criticized buildings in the city. even the architect’s wife asked in shock after the inauguration ceremony in 1910: “But Ignác, aren’t you ashamed of yourself? What have you done here?”.

The Anker at the time was mainly surrounded by two -three-story houses, compared to this 5 story building with its’ domes must have seemed enormous. However, its’ style was also not popular, especially the pyramid decorating it’s top. Illyés Gyula wrote the following: “the Assyrian-Babylonian styled Anker palace could be erected as a sepulcher in this minute. How many years of living could have been provided to Petőfi from the pyramid’s lair, where only his body does not rest in peace” (Illyés Gyula: Beatrice apródjai -Illyés Gyula- Beatrice’s prodigies)

Crypt or not, Anker is one of the most characteristic buildings on Deák tér. Since 2011 it is considered a unique monument. Restorations haven’t taken place in decades. 

In our brand new Budapest by Labrosse series, Labrosse Dani’s unique characters will move in, flood different buildings of Budapest for a whole year here on HYPEANDHYPER! Check it out and play! 

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