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Can trees grow out of pencils? | Sprout

The answer to this question is yes, it is possible to write with pencils that could grow into trees. Of course only after there is just a little piece left from them. 

Written by: Márk Szolomayer

Danish startup Sprout came up with this truly unique idea: if Santa Claus brings this pencil to you as a gift, you could already have a tiny Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. 

Do we even use pencils in today’s digital world, you ask? The answers is a resounding ‘yes’ – we use quite many actually. According to estimates we use 14 billion pencils each year around the world, which means 82,000 trees must be cut down just to fulfil this demand. This is what Sprout aims to change with their plantable pencil. The concept is fairly simple: at the end of the graphites looking like any regular pencil at first glance there is a plant-based capsule filled with seeds. If you feel that you have sharpened your pencil too many times, all you need to do is plant the rest into a pot filled with soil, water it regularly and in only four weeks you can say hello to your new plant.

The idea is not only clever, but offers a solution for several problems. On the one hand, after its regular use, the pencil continues to fulfil a new function, thus generating less waste. On the other hand, we can also give back a tree to nature, which is extremely important today. Trees are a vital part of fighting climate change and global warming: they store carbon, release oxygen, stabilize the soil, and provide habitats for our planet’s wildlife.

So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly gift for your loved ones, make sure you check out Sprout’s online store!

Source: Euronews

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