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Coffee in a new guise—BLCKEST Coffee Roasters debuts new packaging

BLCKEST Coffee Roasters (whom we have already introduced to our readers here) does not only start the spring feeling fresh and funky by all the caffeine—the brand recently unveiled a new packaging in collaboration with Hollóka Graphic Design Studio. In addition to making the uniform black paper boxes stand more stable on the shelves of shops (and our kitchens), the new packaging also carefully preserves the aroma of the coffee, while catching our attention with dynamic lines and colors. The different types are now not only marked with words, but also with a uniform pictogram system and code names (such as BLEND or STEAM), thus making it easier for customers to find their way in the rich selection.

BLCKEST Coffee Roasters | WebFacebookInstagram

Hollóka Graphic Design Studio | WebFacebookInstagram

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