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Coworking office and more | Nomád Coworking & Design Shop

They wanted to have their own office, but ended up creating one for others. Anna Varró and Dániel Gyana transformed a room in one of the buildings in the historical part of Balatonfüred into an inspiring community space, office and design shop under the name Nomád Coworking.

There are more and more cool coworking offices we can try in Budapest, but this service is something the Balaton region has missed until now. Even so, the task was not an easy one: the needs of digital nomads – in addition to the fact that they can make do with a comfortable chair, stable internet connection and a computer – are becoming more and more diversified. 

An inspiring milieu, a tightknit community, diverse programs and extra services are all important for the target group: this is what Nomád in Balatonfüred was designed to offer, too.

The interior of the space was designed by the owners themselves, with some help from a winemaker and a photographer friend of theirs. Even though there are no separate work stations, airy spaces and rooms, the solid wood furniture, as well as the natural and attentive details result in a cozy and casual atmosphere.

“The coworking offices we know typically have a large floor area, making it easy to offer several functions in them from community spaces, through cafés, to meeting and conference rooms. All we had, however, was 42 square meters to implement and condense all that we think a good coworking office needs” – explained the founders of Nomád Coworking & Design Shop.

Important elements of the coworking office include a mini library featuring inspiring books and a smaller store offering the products of Hungarian designers.

The shelves feature brands including the premium quality teas of Zhao Zhou, or the products of PrintaMe and My Dog and ArtNatura  all made in the spirit of sustainability. Their selection is limited at the moment, but is continuously expanding: the latest arrivals include the locally made cosmetics and food products of Lavender Shop in Tihany, Éva Bezzegh’s beautiful award-winning cookbook titled 12 months and the bags of Manera studio.

Nomád does not only want to pamper its visitors with its cozy atmosphere and gorgeous design products: they also give home to popup exhibitions, smaller meetups, workshops and other events from time to time.

The prominent events of the past weeks include the exhibition of US press photo competition winner Milán Radisics, or the popup fair Undersea Wear, in the framework of which visitors were able to try and purchase the swimsuits of the brand made of ocean waste and recycled PET bottles. 

As Anna and Dániel told us, the last event of the summer will be a community program, this time outside of Nomád’s spaces: they plan to host a cleanup on August 15, to clean a less frequented area of Balatonfüred which is contaminated heavily with waste.

If you are ever in Balatonfüred and have some tasks to do, or you’re just looking for a cool summer shelter, go and visit Nomád’s community space!

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