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E-bike in a minute | CLIP

Dubbed CLIP, this e-motor optimized for urban cyclists can turn any bicycle into an e-bike in a minute.

Brooklyn-based startup clip.bike unveiled the first version of their bicycle accessory in 2019, which has undergone massive developments since then. A key aspect for the designers was to create an e-motor that urban cyclists and commuters will be happy to take along. CLIP is easy both to attach and detach, fits into a larger backpack and thus can be carried around comfortably, and, last but not least, it is affordable: it costs USD 399, that is approximately HUF 120,000. CLIP’s battery can be 100% recharged in just 40 minutes, and has an approx. 25 kilometer range, which equals somewhat to a 45-minute commute. The advantage of the device is that you don’t have to purchase an expensive and heavy e-bike for extra momentum, and you don’t have worry about theft either.

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Source: designboom

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