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E-bike in Scandinavian style

Copenhagen-based Movea is on a mission to create the perfect city bike. The company founded by Lats Jensen has now unveiled three new models, allowing not only the Danish to ride with style, while also protecting the environment.

At first sight, Movea‘s E-motion bikes seem to be perfectly average bicycles: there is nothing on them that may give it away that they are motor-powered. They typically Scandinavian-looking bikes were designed by Anders Hermansen, who has previously collaborated with Danish furniture brand Paustian or electronics manufacturer Bang & Olufsen, amongst others. 

All of the latest models are characterized by a sleek design and practicability: MODO 20”, MOMENTI 20” and MODO 24″ are all hard-wearing, yet lightweight pieces. The bikes were outfitted with a 250-watt electric motor, fading into the structure of the vehicle almost invisibly – providing up to 50 kilometers of assisted riding. The basket installed on the body of the bike and covered with fabric closes with a zipper, thus ensuring safe carriage.

Of course, this kind of quality comes at a price: three models can be purchased starting from EUR 3498.

Source: designboom.com

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