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Eastern European office overview | TOP 5

Last year, our lives turned upside down. For many of us, our daily routines have been completely rewritten and this has often affected our work as well: we are also slowly getting used to online meetings and conferences from home office. To quench the craving for office air, we have now selected from the prominent Eastern European offices of recent years. 

Functionalism free from rigor | Bistro – Budapest, Hungary

Uncompromising, the designers of the 81font studio sought to harmonize the design and functionality of the Bistro’s four-hundred-square-foot Hegyalja road office. In an effort to make optimal use of space, movable and built-in elements as well as glass walls provide space for both individual and group work. Subtle materials and bright colors dominate the interiors of the office, aroused by a hint of red. 

Less is more | Telenav – Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Morphoza’s team of architects used infinitely simple but even more thoughtful architectural solutions when designing the newest office of the Telenav technology company. Minimalism full of warmth pervades the spaces, encouraging employees to interact and collaborate with each other. The authenticity of the brand is also shown by the emphasis on the sense of intimacy in the office: in addition to the kitchen, which functions as a community space, family spaces have also been created.

In the name of environmental awareness | TomTom – Belgrade, Serbia

The Peldon Rose has been designing offices and workplaces specifically since 1987. In the new office, designed for TomTom navigation systems company, both Belgrade’s transport network and the city’s brutalist architecture served as a source of inspiration.TomTom’s involvement in the design has led to the creation of an office that caters to all the company’s needs. The architects sought to create an environmentally conscious workplace by using recycled materials and sustainable solutions.

Smart solutions |  PKV – Brno, Czech Republic

The PREMIER Interiors studio was responsible for the design of the newest office of the PKV engineering consulting company. The spaces of the PKV office, which specializes in the modernization of companies, are also influenced by modernity. The company’s environmentally conscious philosophy has been emphasized with extremely modern and unusual solutions, such as a lighting system that can be controlled entirely through an application.

Contemporary elegance Roche | Roche – Bratislava, Slovakia

The Swiss Roche commissioned the at26 design and architecture studio to create a modern, high-equipped, open-plan office. In addition to the visual identity elements and colors of the company, which specializes in developing pioneering healthcare innovations, local design also played an important role when creating the office in Bratislava.

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