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Egy év végtelen én | POKET Calendar 2021

In 2020, we had to strike out a lot of scheduled events from our calendars. Hoping that this year a pocket calendar will make more sense POKET released their 2021 Year Planner, which is much more than a simple calendar.

“The title (One year endless me) already tells the essence: the endless you. We made this journal to remind you of the endless possibilities you have in yourself through important things like slowing down, creating, mental health or a positive body image. The goal is for the calendar to serve as a reminder and to serve as an inspiration in the loud and chaotic everydays,”  introduces the journal Lídia Gulyás, the owner of the Instagram page szialidia, the ambassador and illustrator of the product.

The creators say they wanted to make a calendar that does not remind the users of the work and tasks of the coming year. The calendar is not only about the mandatory to-dos—we can also note down our thoughts and it will also be a partner in relaxation.

Thematic months and tasks as well as games related to each topic were also added to the calendar illustrated by Lídia Gulyás: the goal of the year planner is to ensure that the plenty of programs and events don’t take over the weeks, but rather provide a system and freedom to the user. Therefore the editors tried to come up with topics that are important to most people: including knowing oneself, environmentalism, body image and family.

The minds behind the texts, the tasks and the themes are Márk Rábai and Panna Horváth, members of POKET books’ team, who compiled the content based on the POKET titles to be released in 2021, while the many ideas received a calendar format through the work of editor Anikó Bukta.

You can get your own pocket calendar at the POKET vending machines and in their online store.

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