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Embassy meeting table | MOME X Plydesign

What does the perfect, modern meeting and dining table look like? This is the question the Product Design students of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design strived to answer, commissioned by the Hungarian Embassy of Algeria. Their goal was to create a compelling and multifunctional furniture set that could be a worthy adornment of the ambassador’s residence.

The project was carried out by a well-known Hungarian design brand, Plydesign Kft., who not only followed and supported the work of competing students, but were also responsible for the realization of the winning project, the Admiral table.

“Plydesign considers it important to boost the domestic design industry. We have been cooperating with the Design Department of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design for many years, sharing our professional and practical knowledge with students, helping the academic development of career starters in the sector. The project, initiated by the Algerian embassy, showed us the special values that can be attained from the meeting and considerate cooperation of the market and university sectors,” said András Kerékgyártó, Plydesign’s chief designer.

The embassy came up with specific criteria, meaning that designers had to work according to strict rules while planning. In contrast to traditional two-part dining tables, the Admiral is divided into three parts to comply with official seating arrangements, which play a key role in diplomatic protocol.

Modularity also played an important role in the table’s design, so that it can be adapted to different types and sizes of meetings. The stability of the furniture item is ensured by a hidden metal structure, to which the representative walnut tabletop is attached. The demountable metal legs are covered with solid wood and designed to be easily connectable and disconnectable.

Its name, Admiral, refers to Plydesign’s FLEET collection. “The names of the FLEET collection’s pieces all point to warships—due to its size, the imposing and dignified meeting table was named ADMIRAL, as the leader of the fleet,” shared Barbara Losoncz, PR and Marketing Manager at Plydesign.

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