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Entertaining storage solution | LEGO X IKEA

LEGO teamed up with IKEA and unveiled their long-awaited storage box collection BYGGLEK, which is not only simple and functional, but also offers a wide range of creative opportunities. This is what it’s like when two Scandinavian giants join forces!

As both brands are a huge fan of playing, they decided to create a storage box collection that will facilitate everydays for every member of the family, while also encouraging playing and making the activity of tidying entertaining. This way, adults get to have fun, too – without LEGO bricks left on the floor taking over control in the house.

After many prototypes, IKEA designer Andreas Fredriksson and LEGO Group designer Rasmus Buch Løgstrup finally found the perfect solution. BYGGLEK consists of three white storage boxes, also allowing the kids to create various shapes out of them, including multi-story buildings or strange monsters – with the kids’ imagination being the only limit. When out of use, similarly to IKEA’s usual storage boxes, design-minded parents can also place the boxes on shelves, as they will serve as sleek decor elements in their home.

The new BYGGLEK collection will be available in IKEA stores from October 1.

Source: IKEA

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