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Escaping stress | Meditation Pod

It’s grey, shaped like and egg, and a person can fit into it. This is not a joke, but the meditation pod designed and implemented by OpenSeed.

Written by: Márk Szolomayer

This futuristic pod aims to tackle, or at least alleviate one of the most severe social problems of our age: stress. Everyone is exposed to some sort of tension or trauma to a greater or lesser extent, some on a daily basis. OpenSeed developed the Meditation Pod to reduce the impact of these stress sources and to help people reclaim their me-time.

The pod with a practical concept is the perfect place for recharging our body and spirit. The womb-shaped design aims to quiet the mind chatter to help us focus on what’s truly important. A touch screen panel helps users within the pod to select the meditation program matching their mood the most, complemented with therapeutic ambient sounds, light therapy and essential oils.

One can relax in the pod alone, or even three people can simultaneously use it for group therapy. Users can opt for the audio via headphones or choose to experience calmness with the concealed speakers. The perfect temperature is ensured by four built-in ventilators. OpenSeed did not forget about hygiene that has become more important than ever in the current situation, either: the pod carries out UV sanitation after every session.

Source: Yanko Design

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