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ESZKA | Spring 2020

Spontaneous, dashing and passionate – these words pop into our minds when we look at the new spring collection of ESZKAtitled ABSTRACT. The parallel between gesture painting and the clothes is no coincidence. The founder of the brand, Kriszta Szakos told us about her inspirations, in the list of which abstract expressionism ranks quite high. On top of that, ESZKA does not only come with new clothing items for spring: the online store of the brand will be opened shortly, too, and so soon you’ll be able to purchase the unique items in a much more direct manner.

The spring collections was named ABSTRACT. Were you inspired by specific paintings and graphics during the design process?

Yes, the collection was inspired by one of my favorite artistic movements: abstract expressionism. Three patterns were made based on my own paintings, and the other were inspired by the work of other artists. This collection has been in progress for some time now, but now I have the number of patterns necessary for a collection. I like these patterns out of what I have done so far the most, and so new “painting coats” will be added to the repertoire, for sure.

To what extent are you affected by other art genres when designing a collection?

I think I am inclusive, I can be inspired by both internal and external sources. I always keep my eyes open, and I am also sensitive to the matters of the world outside of arts, but many times the feelings-sensations I choose to manifest come from the inside.

What is there to know about the target group of ESZKA? How famous is the brand abroad?

I consider my customer base independent of ages, and this is my purpose exactly to have my clientele be as broad as possible. I don’t want to specialize on an age group or layer. I also enjoy getting into the skins of different characters during the design process. Many people find me on the internet from abroad and our store in Budapest is also located at a good place from a touristic point of view. The feedback I receive from abroad is positive, this is why we open the online store in the spring.

Do you think there are characteristics that are typical to the design of the Eastern European region?

I don’t think there is a bold line between the design of the East, the West, the North or the South. Or at least I don’t experience it, but I have been long planning to create a collection using Hungarian and Transylvanian folk motifs. My use of colors so far has been shaped by Portuguese architecture, I love that country, I’ve been there many times.

ESZKA represents a definite image. Are you also responsible for brand design? What is the concept you follow in terms of online communication and the photo shoots?

Yes, I’m also doing the brand design and photo shoots part, this is why the image is so bold. Everything is made based on my own feelings and perspective. I don’t design coats or clothing items principally, I would rather put it as I visualize a mood or feeling in images that I then reproduce in clothes and textiles.

Photos: ESZKA

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