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Exciting AR glasses from Oppo

The new product is not the first attempt of Chinese telecommunications company Oppo at augmented reality, but perhaps now they are the closest to incorporating it into a truly wearable object.

Written by Márk Szolomayer

The first thing that may come to our minds when seeing Oppo’s AR Glass 2021 is that they managed to disguise the device as actual glasses, thanks to its smaller size and 75% lighter body compared to the previous version. As a result, it can be worn without any particular inconvenience, while the experience is simply breathtaking.

The device can be connected to the company’s smartphone Oppo Find X2 Pro with a cable, which uses the glasses as an interface with the help of the Snapdragon 865 chipset. Of course it also improved a lot compared to its predecessor in terms of resolution: it comes with a 0.71-inch OLED display, offering such a large surface as if the user were standing three meters from a 90-inch television screen.

The customized large amplitude speaker built into the glasses provides great sound invisibly. The AR Glass 2021 comes with a unique, semi-open rear cavity acoustic design.

When using the AR function, the user can control the world around them with their own hands, without using any additional controllers, thus resulting in a comfortable and simple wear for users.

The only questions left is what the glasses could be used for. In addition to watching movies and series, you’ll also be able to play with the help of the lenses. Besides the entertaining functions, a quite useful feature of the specs is its ability to assess the environment surrounding the user, allowing them to furnish their home with virtual furniture or measure anything in an instant. A further peculiarity of the device is that users can save the images seen through the glasses and share it with others.

Source: Oppo.com

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