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Famous Czech castle renovated with contemporary additions

The Helfštýn Castle is the second largest castle of the Czech Republic after the Prague Castle. After it was closed in 2014 due to safety hazards, it is now once again open to visitors. Not only its 14th century architectural values, but the renovation of the castle in a contemporary spirit also makes it a worthy destination. 

The Helfštýn Castle located at the Moravian Gate received Corten steel footbridges, concrete walkways and glass roofs. Czech architecture studio atelier-r was commissioned to renovate the monumental castle built in the 14th century, who set the primary goal of connecting past and present.

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The architects chose the three materials to match this goal: they used each material on a different level of the castle, thus giving a different contemporary architectural quality to each level. 

Photos: BoysPlayNice

Source: press release 

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