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Favorite interiors of the week_02

From now on, we will share the most gorgeous, inspiring and the coolest interiors that we’ve come across in the past few days. Here comes some perfect eye candy to browse through while sipping your Saturday morning coffee, which you can also use as inspiration for your own home. In spite of the circumstances, we can’t deny that spring is here. This week, we brought you colorful and bright interiors from Moscow to the Polish seashore.

Yves Klein blue and pastel pink in an apartment in Kiev | Ater Architects | Kiev, Ukraine

Multi-storey apartment in Prague downtown | Denisa Strmiskova Studio | Prague, Czech Republic

Mexican restaurant on the Polish seashore | Rafal Kaletowski & Maciej Ryniewicz | Gdynia, Poland

Contemporary art and design in a hotel transformed from a Polish tenement house | Mamastudio x Mateusz Baumiller | Warsaw, Poland

Flat with room division | Dziurdzia Projekt | Warsaw, Poland

Café in the place of a bakery built in 1914 | Veter Design | Moscow, Russia

Downtown suite with lighting in focus | Gingko Architects x LumoConcept | Budapest

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