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Floating memories | Marietta Varga’s latest series

Pastel colors, softly undulating water combined with a dreamy, slightly nostalgic visual world. In her latest series titled “Mellownoon”, the photographer manifests her memories related to Lake Balaton in the form of gently floating compositions.

Marietta Varga’s photographs are characterized by a sensitive conceptuality, carefully created compositions and the use of fine, pastel hues, the combination of which results in a slightly surreal and idyllic effect. This character can also be observed in her latest series. This time, she was inspired by her memories related to Lake Balaton.

After a long time this year I had the chance to spend an entire summer at this lake.This opportunity let me enjoy again the long, chilled mornings, the monotonous voice of the vendor selling boiled corn on the cob and chimney cake, the runs of wild ducks, the diverse play of flying swallows in the evening breeze and the wonderful sunsets at the lakeside. My photo series titled “Mellownoon” is a manifestation of all these collective experiences during one of the most unusual summertimes of my life” Marietta highlighted in the description of the series.

The memories, experiences and impressions of the photographer compiled over the years take shape in the form of a still-life floating on the surface of the water, resembling a breakfast table. In addition to the characteristic photo pairs, the series is also complemented by videos. 

“I have been experimenting with motion picture for some time now and I very much enjoy it that I can examine and capture my message in another, completely different aspect. This requires an entirely different kind of thinking, attention and presence, which is a brand new field for me, and it’s very exciting to explore it. In the case of Mellownoon, looking at is scenery I felt that videos could add a lot to the series” – Marietta added.

Marietta is already working on her new series, soon to be released on her Instagram pageWe can’t wait to see it!

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