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From agri-waste to plate set

A bio-design student of the School of Form in Poznań, Poland created a plate set and packaging materials made of sugar beet leaves.

Sugar beet leaves create the majority of agricultural waste in Poland, and in the entire EU they amount to 20 million tons every year. It was time that someone figured out a way to utilize this material.

Not only did the diploma work of Sonia Jaśkiewicz, a graduate of the department of bio-design in Poznań School of Form give life to a project, but to an entire laboratory: Buraki Laben (working under the name Waste Lab since then) experiments with technologies that will point toward a new direction in the field of recycling and sustainable design. She created plates and packaging materials out of sugar beet leaves as an alternative to plastic by first transforming the leaves into a pulp and then blending this pulp with various natural materials. The result is a biodegradable plate, made in a zero-waste manner. Resembling the objects of nomadic tribes, the raw and natural design also has aesthetic values.

Source: The First News

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