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HIGHLIGHTS | Drawn pedestal

Anyone can draw—we often hear this comment about an illustration. While everyone can draw, they can’t necessarily illustrate. Designing and practicing an illustrative world requires just as serious and precise work as going through a mathematical equation, we just do it with the other side of our brain.

The masters of creative imaging are the illustrators, who unfortunately often do not receive the recognition they deserve. This may be due to the connection with the infantile world, the stigmatization of illustrations as a dumb downed reality: many forget that we actually have to thank the world of drawings, visual designers, creators that the boundaries of imagination opened up, and so many science-fiction films could be born, thanks to which, the heritage of mankind has been expanded with many technological feats.

As illustrators create in many areas of life, we want to compensate for their lack of recognition in our current selection. We have chosen representatives from a number of professional fields, from Portugal to Ukraine.


Cais Magazine | Lisbon, Portugal
Tiago Galo


Testfully motion graphic | Virginia, USA
Elahe Baloochi
Farid Mahmoodi


DuckDuckGo – Wired UK | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Thomas Rohlfs


Random Illustrations | Fuzhou, China
Uran D.


Murals for book store-coffee shop | Kyiv Ukraine
Hanna Mayson

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