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HIGHLIGHTS | Drink, drink, drink!

We can quench our thirst in many ways, and by doing so we cannot only pamper our taste buds, but other sense organs, as well. Whatever product it may be, the appealing, sleek, nice-to-feel, bold or elegant packaging contributes greatly to the given items ending up in our basket. The “ love for the first time” effect applies especially in the case of products we haven’t seen before – we don’t know what the inside holds, we only judge based on the outside, and we give into temptation. 

Today of course we look at the beverages lined up on the shelves of stores in bottles, metal boxes or plastic containers much more cautiously – and we do the same with many more items. The ingredients, place of origin and the packaging material can overwrite our intent to purchase many times. It can also happen that our fallible human nature thumbs its nose at the unhealthy ingredients and the plastic packaging just because the wish to possess the desired object overpowers all this. The luckiest of course is if we don’t have to compromise at all: if we get to experience the feeling provided by the lemonade or canned beer (or to be more accurate: the brand) with a product meeting our needs fully and we can sigh in satisfaction after the first sip. Daily fluid intake from a graphic design perspective, from Austria to New Zealand. 

Kitti Mayer
design theorist


Coconut Milk by Grinning Face | Toronto, Canada
Man Wai Wong


Freed | Queenstown, New Zealand
makebardo ­


moodley design


Jungle Juice | Roma, Italy
We meet Brands
Roberta Farese
Emanuele Grimaldi
Matteo Modena


Somma Alcoholic Mineral Water | Sydney, Australia
Ben Galbraith

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