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Highlights of Hungary 2020 | Miki357

We spread the news about the new members of Highlights of Hungary’s team a few weeks ago: since then, the ambassadors have already started their work and will soon decide on the candidates. The same as in previous years, we can once again expect heated debates between the members this year so that they can indeed present the fifty-five most prominent Hungarian creative achievements of the year to the audience. From now on, HYPEANDHYPER will introduce a Highlights ambassador each week – starting with music video director and first-time ambassador Miklós Márton Szabó aka Miki357.

Commercial and music video director Miki357 strives to create without clichés – value creation gives the basis of everything, he claims. Lighter, entertaining and humorous topics are the closest to him, but this does not necessarily mean that these subjects lack depth or a serious message entirely. As a Highlights ambassador he would like to give an opportunity to projects that are perhaps less elevated but still deserve our attention.

Photo: Géza Talabér

“I consume a lot of lame content, too. Sometimes the bad helps you realize what’s good. I also observed that I am drawn to maniacs. If someone is passionate about their field, whatever that may be, the quality of their work is rarely poor. I am a visual thinker, perhaps with a slightly better taste, but I try to make sure that I don’t always do film type of productions” – he answered when asked about where he will be looking for inspiration during his work as an ambassador.

In relation to this year’s slogan „Hass, alkoss, gyarapíts!”, Miki357 highlighted that he explicitly aims to stand by projects reaching far beyond themselves and offering a symbolic idea, which are adaptable and have a long-term, timeless message.

In 2020, the Highlights team also invites the audience to participate in selecting the candidates. “What are the most excellent Hungarian achievements in 2020 in your opinion?” – they ask. You can help them find the most remarkable Hungarian projects on Facebook and via Instagram stories with the hashtag #hassalkossgyarapits and by tagging @highlights_of_hungary.

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