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Highlights of Hungary 2020 | Noémi Háfra

For the first time in the history of Highlights, an athlete has joined the colorful ambassador’s team. Currently playing at FTC-Rail Cargo, junior world champion handballer Noémi Háfra threw herself into finding her nominees with huge momentum despite it being pre-season.

Noémi Háfra is driven by a pursuit for excellence and therefore values Highlight’s mission greatly, as it brings the stories offering hope, motivation and encouragement for action each year to children and adults wishing to contribute to a better future.

“The topics of sports and environmentalism are closer to me fundamentally, yet Highlights is a great opportunity for me to broaden my horizon, this is why all the recommendations shared by people in social media were particularly great. It’s already worth it!” – said Noémi when asked how she chose her nominees.

Highlights of Hungary’s slogan this year is „Hass, alkoss, gyarapíts!” (a line from Ferenc Kölcsey’s poem Huszt, unofficial translation: “Affect, create, enrich!”), in relation to which Noémi Háfra highlighted: as a child, she was mainly influenced and inspired by her role models, so it is a fantastic experience for her to be able to be a role model at such a young age, for people who can ask her for help or advice. These connections come to her mind when thinking about this trio – there is something to work for, to get over challenges, and thus to bear a positive influence on others. Highlights also seeks to plant this idea in people’s heads, and Noémi hopes this will also set deeper social changes in motion.

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