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HIGHLIGHTS | Our built heritage

In the parts of the HIGHLIGHTS series, the focus is on household objects, their advantages and disadvantages again and again. The question may arise, which are the most fundamental, man-made objects of our lives, without which we could not live. The answer is simple: the buildings.

Whether we live in them for a lifetime or not, every house becomes a part of us. Be it a tent, a shack, a palace or a residential building, since man has lived, each time they settled, they built a structure that protected them and theirs from the hardships of nature. Many buildings have survived for numerous generations as part of our built heritage, but there are also edifices that we only remember by records and photographs due to wars and fires.

The visual, structural and binding design of a good book can be compared even to the design of a building. Whether we approach it from a content or physical point of view, we are undeniably impressed in a multisensory sense by both media, therefore their design requires very careful concentration. Books documenting buildings—be they children’s books, study volumes or art books—make it possible to pass on the knowledge of bygone eras to modern generations, keeping alive the ideals of former grandiose projects.

In this week’s selection, we collected books from Hungary to Poland, that present and perpetuate the memory of buildings.


Buildings with cour d’honneur in Budapest | Budapest, Hungary
Anna Bárdy
Fülöp Schmal


From temple to temple | Saint Petersburg, Russia
Tatiana Berdyugina


Wanderspace / Zwerfruimte | Antwerpen, Belgium
Sarah Schrauwen


BUDAPEST | CRETIO | Budapest, Hungary
Dóra Balla

Brutal Poland | Poznań, Poland

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