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HIGHLIGHTS | Vinyl selection

In recent years, there has again been a growing interest in perhaps the most aesthetic media in the music industry, records. This need was only increased by the pandemic that launched many in the direction of a new hobby, such as traditional disc jockeying. This week, we’ve put together a selection of special-looking records and covers, and we’re also revealing the truth about the correct naming of records.

Record production was a big hit in the second half of the 20th century. Then more modern techniques such as floppy disks, then CDs, DVDs, later SD cards and flash drives, and finally, with the spreading of smartphones, content that can be listened to via streaming services but no longer has physical form has replaced this technique that provided a quality sound experience.

Perhaps many are surprised that the Hungarian name of the vinyl (bakelit) is actually incorrect, as it is unsuitable for sound recording. Circularly micro-grooved records are most often made of acetyl cellulose-polyvinyl chloride—a copolymer of polyvinyl chloride and polyvinyl acetate—hence the more correct English acronym and name for vinyl.

Call it vinyl or whatever, records never seem to go out of style, they demand space on our living room shelves again. That’s why it does matter what graphic design and visual content our creatives combine with our favorite music. Here are some exciting solutions from Poland to Spain!

martial hearts | Gdańsk, Poland
Konrad Roche

The Blue and You | Vincenza, Italy
Guido Dal Prà
Andrea Campesato Segnini
Michele Bruttomesso

UNTANGLE THE ROOTS. | Barcelona, Spain
Workship Studio

Karl Axel Bissler | Chapecó, Brazil
Lucas Matheus

BLAK | Barcelona, Spain

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