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The quarantine brings major changes into our everydays, will influence our future lives and it also draws more attention to the climate change. The following quite emotionally-charged animated short film rich in gestures was made by an international team.

The short movie is intended as a warning message for everyone, inspired by the already visible signs and alarming forecasts.

The rapid progress of CGI technology enabled the team to authentically express elemental human gestures, thus offering an even deeper insight into the emotional world of the characters.

The HOME project started in October last year, when the world was a quite different place, however, the video conveys an even more powerful message today.

The film was made by Braw Production, but the Hungarian Pixoloid Studios also participated in the project. The Budapest-based company is a concept design and digital art studio, developing the details of “outsourced” computer games and animation projects. They also participate in the pre-production design of films, the same as in the case of HOME.

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