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House on a slope | Kruk Rasztawicki Architekci

Instead of leveling the ground, Polish architects’ studio Kruk Rasztawicki decided that it’s time that a building embraces the terrain it occupies.

This family house in Gdańsk is an architectural paragon of adaptation: it adapts to the sloping terrain it was built on and follows the needs of its residents as well. Observing it from the road where its entrance opens, it looks like a single-story, ultraminimalist house, but looking at it from the side, it flows down a slope at an almost extreme angle.

Designed by the architectural firm Kruk Rasztawicki, the functions of the house become increasingly private as its levels descend: the living room and kitchen are on the street level, while the bedrooms and the bathroom can be found on the level below. The backyard is also approachable from here, and since these areas are not visible from the street, the back facade features huge glass windows to open the space.

Source: designboom

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