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Hungarian designer in Vogue Portugal’s latest issue

For the first time in the 128 years of Vogue’s existence, all issues of the magazine published in various countries will cover a single topic: hope. In relation to the theme, Vogue Portugal’s issue also features works of young designers, including designs of Lala Tóth.

The special issue was called to life by the series of crises threatening the world, including the pandemic, unemployment, racism and the issue of the escalating climate crisis. The 26 issues released all across the globe will come together under the theme of hope in the fall period.

Lala Tóth completed her studies at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, and they found her works on her Instagram account. After she sent a selection of her designs to stylist Sasa Thomann, four of her pieces made it to the September issue. The pieces of clothing and the accessories were made during Lala’s university years, for various school projects and based on various concepts. 

“Something they all share and that also characterizes my work in general is the great emphasis on creating the fabrics as well as the form of the pieces” – Lala told us.

Lala Tóth | Instagram
Vogue Portugal | Web

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