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They felt something was missing, so a bunch of enthusiastic graphic designers joined their forces to create clothing items that would make anyone proud to own them and wear them. This is how PólóNeked was born. Let’s see the details!

With the help of PólóNeked, we can get a hold of and wear the works of prime Hungarian graphic designers or may use them as decoration, at our own discretion. The idea of the project came from graphic designer Csaba Kocsis, who later invited other creators to create one-of-a-kind patterns and graphics. The complete team is enriched by designers including the graphic artists of Halisten Studio, Olivér Csepella, Rebeka Molnár, Judit Olga Szécsi, Erika Szép Bíró and Judit Zengővári, to only mention a few examples.

Don’t let the name of the brand fool you: PólóNeked launches with a broad and diverse product palette. Those interested may select their favorites out of men’s, women’s and kids’ T-shirts and sweaters, but their repertoire also includes gymbags, canvas totes, shower curtains and beach towels as well as various wall decoration elements.

If that isn’t enough, we can also create custom-designed clothing items or accessories with their help. This is what the online editor ‘Kreátor’ developed on the website of the brand offers, allowing us to choose from the high quality pattern selection freely, but we can also upload our own drawing if we want to create an even more personal product.

The good news is the website of PólóNeked will launch on July 6, which means that you can start browsing through their unique products soon! It will also be worth to regularly check in on the site: the team of PólóNeked will be expanded with new designers periodically, and the current designers will also release new, fresh patterns.

The creative team of PólóNeked is supported by Avadoo Design Studio.
Visual identity: Tünde Varga
Marketing team: Madic
Photography: Tamás Somornai

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