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HYPE | Weekly online program guide

The days spent at home keep on passing, the institutions and creators keep on trying to find the most exciting ways to appear in the online realms, and we keep on selecting the best programs for you. This week offers creative community events via video conference, virtual theater, online art collections as well as free design movies and animation series. Let’s see the details!

Gary Hustwit – Objectified online!

Another week, another Hustwit designer documentary, this time about what famous designers, including Dieter Rams representing functionalist design or Dunne & Rabby, the pioneers of critical design think about the work and responsibility of designers. What will a designer do in the near future? Will they design products or rather concepts that will shape our relationship with products? Let’s get back to this once we’ve watched Objectified. The movie is available until March 31.

When: until March 31, 2020

Where: online

Mesélő online – Extraordinary storytelling sessions

All of us experience many changes at the moment… why wouldn’t we turn this into a truly creative process? “Mesélő” is a storytelling session where we can share our stories with each other by responding to a given topic with the help of theater games. Writing, visuals, music, audio recording – each has a role in creating the story fragments so that everyone can create their own CHANGE installation after, inspired by the stories. We have quite good experiences with Trafó’s experimental online programs, so we can’t wait for this one!

When: March 30, 2020, 19:00-20:30

Where: online

More info: Event

Channeling Art&Tech 2020 – call for applications

The call of Meet Lab is open until Tuesday midnight, for which the organizers welcome project ideas created with the fusion of art and technology by innovators with a business and communication mindset. The owners of winning projects will be able to take part in various professional workshops, artist talks and professional meetups that will promote the projects’ realization. 

When: March 31, 2020, midnight

Where: online

More info: Event

Frida Kahlo online exhibition

Many people have seen the Frida Kahlo exhibition organized by the Hungarian National Gallery during the summer of 2018, and even more have visited the exhibition putting the personal belongings of the artist in focus organized by Victoria & Albert Museum in London in the very same year. The latter was so popular that they even introduced 48 hour opening for the last weeks. Now the great museums, just like in a true blockbuster exhibition, have joined their forces so that both the works, the items of the artist, her workshop, correspondence and all in all everything that is “Frida” be available to the audience. You can browse this collection on the site of Google Arts & Culture dedicated to Frida Kahlo in thematic sections, with explanatory notes.

Where: online

Online co-creator search Vol 1. / Film

Auróra x Bánkitó Quarantine Festival offers programs that give us a sense of community even during the period of isolation. The first online co-creator search will be held on Tuesday evening, this time for those interested in the movie industry. You are welcome to join if you have a good movie idea, or if you don’t, but would love to join someone, or if you want to get to know people that are interested in movie direction.

When: April 2, 2020, 18:30-20:00

Where: online

More info: Event

Online thematic tours in the Museum of Fine Arts

From False Beards to Hipster Beards and Renaissance Relationship Guide– these extraordinary days call for unconventional communication – the online guided tours of the Museum of Fine Arts catch our attention with titles like these. After selecting the “tour”, we can scroll through the thematic works of art curated by art historians, complemented with brief explanations.

Where: online

Candide online!

Finally, the uncensored version of the animation series Candide, a 21st century cover of the 18th century book of Voltaire is available for free online. The series was directed by Zsuzsanna Kreif, and the co-directors (Balázs Turai and Nándor Bera) as well as the majority of the crew behind the production graduated from the department of animation of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. The 300 year old social conflicts and power struggles come alive in contemporary context. How? We can only repeat the words of the team of Candide: ”let us disrupt the peace of your couch!”

Where: online

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