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Incredible Apartments | Mathery Studio

We think the images of New York-based Mathery Studio should be given on prescription as a cure for grey everydays. Their latest project „Incredible Apartments” invites us to the super-colorful world of a fictive neighborhood.

The extraordinary visual world of Mathery Studio immediately swallowed us: their anything but ordinary portfolio made our jaws drop. The Italian-born artist duo (a film director and a designer) living in New York give life to a new reality in each of their projects with meticulous details. Seeing the many times almost kitschy images turning everyday life upside down makes us think of Wes Anderson movies and the odd design objects made by the members of the Italian Memphis Group (probably not by chance).

In the studio’s latest project, red-haired Tonya wearing a green suit and pink tights is looking for the perfect apartment, and suddenly finds herself in a curious neighborhood, with all the attributes of the perfect home: giant windows, sky-high bunk bed, lumpy couches, soft home textiles, a balcony big enough to camp on it, and last, but not least, cool neighbors.

It feels good to get lost in this apparently real, yet many times surreal universe, and not only now, in the greyness of our everydays brought on by the coronavirus.

Source: Behance

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