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Indulj el!

Perhaps we can now add something to Hungary, even if something really small. Even though HYPEANDHYPER’s framework requires the magazine to be not “only” about Hungary, it wasn’t really up to us this time, rather to the circumstances caused by the epidemic and repeated ad nauseum. Originally the series was supposed to feature places outside of Hungary, too, including the lands from the Baltic region and the Masurian Lake District, through the regions of Czech Moravia, from the Tatras to the Carpathian Mountains, and from the Danube to the Adriatic Sea. We’ll get back to it!

Until then, waiting is not something we do, and in light of the situation caused by the epidemic, our thoughts and objectives also shifted towards this direction, and so we do what we can at the moment: we are going to present seven regions of Hungary, as we see and love them.

If it wasn’t clear already, I for sure realized during the shootings and trips across the country that Central and Eastern Europe, with Hungary right in the middle of it is one of the most fantastic places in the world, and what’s even more important: this is our home, this is where we live.

This is what we can and must protect, this is what we understand deep down inside, and if we are looking for a broader space, this is how looking at each other will be logical in Central and Eastern Europe, too. Of course we have to go and visit every place we can, we must see, smell and taste North America, South Eastern Asia or any place of the world, so that we can come home and value what we have even more afterwards. If you travel in the country and look at it with your hearts open, you’ll see that you don’t have to go far away to rest, relax or find what you’ve been looking for. On the contrary. Our birthplace, personality and thoughts are inseparable from each other.

The regions of Gemenc, Tokaj, Hortobágy, Őrség, the Danube Bend, the Mátra Mountains and Lake Balaton hide the faces, lands and patterns that we recognize instantly, that make us feel at home and that we haven’t seen enough in spite of all that.

This is what our series “Indulj el!” (Get going!) is about: seven Hungarian regions, complemented by four cabins and four culinary experiences thanks to Dávid Liptay that you can book and experience, too, as well as a surprise to help you get going.

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