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Ingenuity’s flight was a success

NASA’s Martian helicopter completed a successful flight: watch the video of Ingenuity’s historic mission!

That’s one small flight for a quadcopter, one giant leap for mankind, we could say: the small helicopter named Ingenuity, which was delivered to Mars by Perseverance, completed a successful flight in a fully automated way, without any assistance from the ground crew.

The shadow of Ingenuity on Mars

The test, originally planned for an earlier date, could take place on Monday, by which time the helicopter’s settings had been successfully adjusted to ensure a safe flight. Ingenuity is the first man-made flying structure to take off on another planet.

NASA is planning four more flights over the next two weeks for the device. The last one might be the longest in terms of distance, with six hundred meters.

The video of Ingenuity’s flight was, of course, made by Perseverance: if you’re curious about further results from the Martian robot, follow its Facebook page!

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Source: NASA, CNN, Space.com

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