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Inspiring public spaces in Eastern Europe| TOP 5

The peaceful environment, the closeness of nature can always inspire us when we wish to work or rest, especially, if we can do these in unique edifices or in their vicinity that create unity with nature—or stand out from it—in their own way with their special and creative functional solutions and use of material. The following selection focuses on such edifices and public spaces.

Multifunctional living unit | Ljubljana, Slovenia

The aim was to create an individual and versatile wooden building, which can serve as a weekend house, research base for a short period of time, tourist house or refuge. Its size and mobility make it possible that the transportation procedure also runs smoothly.

Pharmacy in Riga | Riga, Latvia

The pharmacy, designed by the Substance architecture firm, perfectly serves as a spatial installation as well. This time, the building is completely different from its surroundings, but still expresses its content in an attractive way. 

Photos: Substance

Community Center | Sedlčany, Czech Republic | A8000 

The building creates a transition between the historical block structure of the city and the less developed and inhabited neighborhood. The building consists of two parts, the materials chosen for the interior emphasize the atmosphere of the house of prayer—the light wood, white walls and great light are in contrast with the exterior of the building. 

NOW COLO Auditorium | Kyiv, Ukraine

The auditorium was built for the MEBEL Furniture and Interior Design Exhibition so that the members and guests can gather in a special and harmonic public space. Almost the whole auditorium is made up of tubes, which can be recycled for ECO packaging after the exhibition, giving a second life to them.

Source: archilovers

The modern way of relaxation | Hinterbrühl, Austria | Smartvoll

The environment of this spa does not distract us from its essence: the source of its value is simplicity. The characteristic of the building is the use of one material, the spaces were built and arranged from vertically and horizontally placed blocks of stone—giving a unified, modern harmony to the house, which guarantees complete relaxation.

Source: dezeen

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