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iPhone: back to the roots

Apple made a big announcement: after cancelling the usual September product launch due to the Covid-19 epidemic, they organized a large-scale online event in the middle of October. The event not only amazed us from an audiovisual point of view, as the latest generation products themselves are also quite impressive. 

At the event dubbed “Hi, Speed.”, they presented the brand new member of the product family, the HomePod Mini, together with Watch 6, Watch SE, a new generation iPad as well as iPad Air. In addition to the novelties, the main attraction of the event was the debut of the iPhone 12, bringing a new momentum to the market not only with its performance, but its design, too. 

They revealed the 12th generation of the iPhone family to be more accurate, consisting of the iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max

The most prominent novelty is the return of the angular design originally promoted by Steve Jobs. Many of us have been waiting for this, since despite its edgy lines, the previous iPhone 5 had a very practical, surprisingly comfy and elegant design. It’s true, however, that it has been eight years already since the fifth generation was released, and not only has a lot gone down since then, but the technology also exploded, not to mention the 5G cellular network, the spreading of professional face-recognition software and many other novelties. Apple once again proved that the exterior cannot limit the exponential improvement of the interior. Come, see for yourself:

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