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Italian designer proposes plexiglass boxes on the beach

Summer is right around the corner, but after the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us wonder what the coastal areas and beaches will look like in the summer of 2020.

Rome-based designer Umberto Menasci answers this question with his project SafeBeach – he would address the problem by setting up plexiglass boxes allowing beachgoers to keep a safe distance from each other.

Although for most of us summer equals freedom, the new rules coming with the virus, including social distancing, may force us to compromise on some issues. Menasci’s plexiglass idea offers a possible solution for this. The open boxes would only be confined indicatively by the transparent plexiglass panels, and would include a pair of sun loungers and a large umbrella.

The idea received quite mixed reactions: some say that the concept is unviable due to coastal gusts, and others claim that it’s completely unnecessary to separate people on the beach if they won’t comply with the distancing rules in the water. 

Therefore, our beach time will rather depend on individual responsibility. If people keep the required distance, and the hotels and bars won’t overcrowd loungers as they did before, probably it won’t be the beaches that will become the next center of the virus.

Source: designboom

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